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VR/AR solutions for business

Professional Solutions

Industrial sector

VR and AR solutions for industrial and manufacturing companies. Training of personnel, visualization of objects, creation of independent moving platforms and many other things.

Defense industry

Creation of mobile platforms, VR and AR simulation projects of any objects and any complexity.


VR and AR solutions in the field of education and culture, projects for museums, educational institutions and much more.


The creation of platforms for rehabilitating patients, the development of VR and AR projects for the treatment of psychosomatic and accurate diagnosis of diseases.

Marketing project

Creating spectacular VR and AR presentations, individual and exclusive solutions in the field of marketing.

Real estate

AR real-time room design, 3D visualization of residential and industrial facilities. Presentation of real estate.


Hydraulic and electrodynamic platforms and simulators, Theatrical scenography, Interactive navigation system.

Game  solutions

VR Game

Interactive and moving VR Attractions and simulators. Ready-made solutions for business and amusement parks.

VR Sport

Ready-made and customized solutions for sports organizations, fitness club and business in the field of sports.

VR/AR technology

Virtual reality (VR)

Main objective of use of virtual reality (VR): new format of training of key personnel of the large companies.

Solvable tasks

Training and check of work of employees before the admission on a real object, and also in difficult or extreme situations.

Description of work of the VR system

The trained personnel plunge into the exact copy of a real object, for example, to the scanned building for which the emergency is simulated. Immersion happens in the Avatar mode: they see each other and themselves, including exact gestures and actions of hands, legs, the heads, they hear each other. They can operate completely with the virtual copy of reality surrounding them: to press the buttons, to take objects in hand, etc. They have no restriction on movement in space: they can pass any real distances. There are insignificant restrictions which practically do not influence quality of training: while there is no tactile response, avatars do not copy real shape of people (though they can dress or wear a uniform and special regimentals). The multiuser operating mode is aimed at synchronization of actions of the trained personnel: there is a training of collective behavior in difficult and extreme situations.

This virtual environment is well applicable for a training of difficult, including emergency and extreme situations, including:

Fire elimination training, including evacuation of people from objects of any complexity, including the shopping centers, difficult fire-dangerous productions and other objects demanding special approach to training of personnel.

Training of difficult actions, a set of actions, with an operating time of skills and motility, including motility of hands and legs. Also taking into account working off of possible emergencies.

Preliminary training of actions which require special attention, for example, assembly or neutralization of ammunition. I.e. a training of such actions, at a mistake leading to irreversible consequences with demonstration of such consequences, with an explanation of versions of decisions, in real time and scale.

Augmented reality (AR)

Main objective of use of the augmented reality: to draw over the real world in real time various information with a full binding to the real world.

Key solvable task

The help to the staff of various services in updating of data on the objects surrounding them, including registration and the analysis in real time.

The description of work of the augmented reality

The augmented reality differs from added with one important point: there is a full binding to the environment. It means that the system understands on what object of the real world there is a work. In reality it looks so: augmented reality wearing spectacles near the device (for example, the indicator or the mechanism) draw in real time any information. It can be just traditional information, for example, text, or any schedules, for example, of instrument reading in the last 10 minutes. And full-fledged three-dimensional model, for example, for the mechanism it can be possible to finish drawing any physically absent part, for example, in the course of assembly of the mechanism to show where has to there is the following detail.

This technology is well applicable:

In difficult productions, including control of production of especially dangerous products.

In the course of the analysis of the current requirements of the enterprise, for example, in the preliminary analysis of placement of the new equipment to the existing room.

For the analysis of the going processes of production which are giving in to visualization, for example, in conveyor production of any products to visualize various additional information.

In the logistic purposes, for example, in warehouses with a large number of objects of storage and transportation search of the lost or deteriorated objects of storage.

Technology of spatial positioning for VR

Within development of VR projects the mechanisms of spatial tracking allowing to interact on real Wednesday are checked and introduced in products, being in VR.

Key solvable task

In many cases including the Avatars mode, requires combination of position of the person in the virtual world with real. It is necessary including for creation of interaction with physically modelled objects in the virtual world, and for creation of virtual walls.

Description of options of operation of sensors

Tracking option by means of cameras

On all area of movement of users special infrared cameras of high resolution with infrared illumination are placed. These cameras in the field of the sight are able to trace infrared markers (the simple balls covered with reflecting paint). All objects, people which are required to be placed in virtual reality are equipped with such markers in enough that allows to recreate any objects in VR.

Option of tracking inside-out

Infrared cameras or sensors of positioning (as ToF) are placed on a helmet of virtual reality that allows to trace objects in a virtual field of vision of the person. Such approach allows to trace all objects which are in close proximity. The majority of operations happens directly under review (in virtual reality). A simple example is tracking of hands of the person.

Tracking option by means of lasers

The laser modules working by the principle of LIDAR with only that difference that the accepting sensors in a large number are placed on object of tracking, but not in the radiating module. The technology allows to trace any quantity of objects. Exists as ready decisions for tracking, it is so possible to use independently placed TS4231 sensors. For the rest the technology is very similar to tracking by means of cameras where instead of markers — TS4231 sensors, and instead of cameras — laser radiators.

SAP solutions

The Vympel JLC it is one of suppliers and developers of decisions on a platform of SAP. The qualified consultants for decisions of SAP provide all complex of services, including large-scale projects of introduction, administrative and IT consulting, support outsourcing, a hosting, training and maintenance. The pennant — realizes projects with use of the best world practices, guarantees high quality, exact terms and the predictable budget.

  • Resource management of the enterprise (SAP ERP and S/4HANA)
  • Analytical solutions
  • Human resource management
  • Financial and budget planning
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Migration on HANA
  • Migration of systems of SAP in Microsoft Azure cloud
Interactive Table with technology the Virtual hologram

Technology of demonstration of the pseudo-hologram by means of the 3D TV placed over a table, and covered with a touchscreen for interaction.

Key solvable task

Display of the pseudo-hologram on a table or the stand.

Description of work of technology

The technology is designed for one user provided that he watches at the screen at an angle 60-80 degrees (concerning the table plane). If the user has a desire to see the stereoimage, then he should put on glasses. If it is rather correct to draw prospect, then it is possible not to put on glasses. As a result the user sees objects (for example, the model of a difficult element of the device) virtually soaring over a table. It is reached by calculation of a corner of a look of the user with a further portrayal on the TV of a subject to demonstration taking into account position of the user (with the made perspective corrections).

By means of data input devices — has potential to interact with object of projection (to spread out to separate components, to increase or consider at any angle).

Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace is the uniform digital workplace of the employee which is a kernel of digital transformation in the company. Digital Workplace allows to provide the personalized access to various systems of the company, allowing the employee most simply and to quickly carry out the majority of the daily tasks facing it from the uniform interface. The system, by means of a set of personal subscriptions and events feed, allows to trace also important information in the company, to form the list of the tasks requiring attention and to quickly make decisions on these tasks.

As a result of introduction of Digital Workplace time of passing of business processes due to increase in availability of instruments of decision-making to heads is reduced, labor productivity and efficiency of control of tasks of employees grows. Digital Workplace also reduces costs of training and adaptation, expands opportunities for distant work that finally leads to increase in loyalty of employees and decrease in fluidity of personnel due to creation of a comfortable working environment.

The moving platforms

Creation of unique electromechanical, hydraulic PLATFORMS of any degree of complexity (the drive does not matter – everything depends on desire and the customer’s purpose).

Extensive experience in design and creation as universal platforms with a possibility of control under any task, and intended for the specific frame goals and concepts.

Our realized projects:

  • Model of the docking block of the spacecraft «Souz»– the customer of LLC AVIAKOM;
  • A complex of the interconnected platforms with various drives and control units – intended for training of students in bases of programming of systems of automatic control – the customer Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation;
  • A weight and dimensional platform – for removal of various indicators from rolling Railway stock — the customer of JSC Russian Railway;
  • An experimental platform – imitating various impacts of the land surface on the built buildings and constructions – the customer the Saratov state technical university of Gagarin


Among our clients there are large state corporations, the private sector, educational institutions and the companies in the field of media of business

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